Distinguished Early Career Award

Dr. Scott was awarded the "Distinguised Early Career Award" by the Oklahoma Psychological Association in November 2006.



Why a Psychologist?

Wondering how you can find a mental health professional who has the education and competency to best help you?  Consider the following:

Highest level of credentials
• Psychologist
• Psychiatrist

These are the professionals who have earned a doctor’s degree and have passed examinations that show they have a level of competency expected of doctors.  They typically charge higher fees for their services, but have the highest level of education and licensing available.

Remember a Psychologist is a doctor who does “talk therapy” or gives psychological tests, and a Psychiatrist is a doctor who prescribes medicine for psychological problems

Moderate level of credentials
• LPC – Licensed Professional Counselor
• LCDC - Licensed Chemical Dependence Counselor
• LCSW – Licensed Clinical Social Worker
• LMFT – Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

These are professionals who have usually earned a masters degree and have passed a licensing examination.  They usually charge lower fees for their services, but do not have the depth of education that doctors do.

Lowest level of credentials
Be cautious when trusting your care to someone who is not licensed. They sometimes refer to themselves as “life coaches,” or “mentors.” Thoroughly research their education, experience, and reputation before trusting them with your healthcare.