Plan to come to your first session 20 minutes early as there will be some paperwork to fill out.

If you would like, you can download the paperwork, fill it out in advance, and bring it with you:
New Patient Form*

Spend some time before the first session thinking about what goals you have for coming to therapy.  Think about what you would like to change.  Think about what kind of a person you would like to be.

Be prepared to feel better even after the first session.  But don’t stop there.  Psychotherapy is a process that takes some time.  Realize that the first few sessions will be a time for Dr. Scott to understand your immediate situation, and a time for you to begin to trust and to feel comfortable talking about sensitive issues with him.  After that, the real work begins and lasting benefits start to accrue.

The hardest part is often taking the first step.  Are you ready to change your life?

* If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the form, you may download it here.