Dr.Scott with the Oklahoma Dep. of CorrectionsHostage Negotiation Team

Dr. Scott served as the Psychological Consultant for the Oklahoma Department of Corrections Hostage Negotiation Team for 3 years.


The financial cost of psychological therapy can be significant.  The charge for each 45 to 50-minute session is $140, payable at the time of service in check or cash.  The number of sessions required for therapy varies greatly among people depending upon the type of concern, their level of distress, and how actively they participate. 

This office does not bill insurance companies.  You will receive a receipt which you can use to request reimbursement from your insurance company. However, you should be aware that many insurance companies only pay for a portion of the fee or only pay for therapy with those with whom they have contracted. 

If you would like therapy, but are concerned about the cost, we can help you find another professional who accepts insurance, or a clinic that charges rates from a sliding scale.  Under certain circumstances Dr. Scott provides therapy pro bono.

Dr. Scott also provides forensic evaluations and consultation.  Click here for cost information.